On a Personal Note…

I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 29 years and we have a 26 year old son. We are so proud of our son; he is a computer programmer working on his own business.
I’m a movie and book fanatic.  Physical fitness is important to me and I discovered recently I’m quite a hiker!
I have a bit of wanderlust, so to me, travelling anywhere is a great adventure. I’m thankful I am able to grow a business that allows me to travel near and far to have adventures every day!


My Journey…

When I was commissioned as a notary I didn’t intend on building a mobile notary business.
After I received my commission I began studying more about the notary profession. I was surprised to learn my commission opens doors to a variety of opportunities.
Obtaining knowledge and caring about others are two of my greatest passions. Being a notary requires continuous study of laws and constant face to face contact with people who need the services I provide!
Every day I am excited to help people and always strive to be my very best to everyone who entrusts their documents to me.

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Notary2Pro Professional Signing Agent

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